I think the hardest thing to do is shoot someone who isn’t a model but it is the purest thing you will ever do. I don’t enjoy shooting models because they have the hard shell in from of my lens. I try to break it down and tell them to be themselves but they look back at me with eyes and a pose that doesn’t belong to them. Miggy is one of those subjects with little to no barrier. My lens have nothing to pears. He did at first try to but up a barrier by giving me a basic pose. “Give me that diva inside of you,” I said and before my eyes he sparked up. He understood and let his body speak. Let the body speak, forget the mind, and be yourself.


R’Sana Vol: III

At this point I think I might as well just publish a short magazine filled with all my work with R’Sana and her transformation from the first day I met her. It truly has been something special. Never having modeled and being my only muse, its a story worth sharing though pictures and poetry. You can go back to the first volume and notice her timidness by only allowing me to shoot her body and not much her face. It would be a delight to publish my first photography book on me and her work together. So a bit of a back story for this photoshoot. We had just landed in New York for a short vacation and we stumbled across a Buffalo Exchange. Inside and deep within the clothing racks, I stumbled across this chines attire. Without hesitation I got it off their hands and wrapped unto her body.


Nature Vol: II

I think the most interesting characteristic about nature is that she’s patient and always willing to shoot for me. We’ve never had an interruption nor have we ever had to postpone for another day. She’s always ready for me and waiting. What more could a man want form a women. We don’t deserve her nor have we actually done her any justice. I did the best I could in this shots. Perhaps one day, in the future, my photography will portray her the way God intended it, divine.

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R’Sana Vol: II

I photographer is only as good as his model and with that said I have to also imply that every great artist has a great muse alongside, mine being R’Sana. There is truly no end with her. Just when I think I’ve adored every inch in her body, I find something new. Just when I thought I was done with her and ready to move on, she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me into a secluded room. She whispered into the air, “Look, just look,” and I did. She does wonders and she doesn’t even know it, I thought as I looked through my camera lens. With a flame that will not flicker away, it would be stupid to ignore our chemistry. I will see how far we reach, with a muse like her theres no telling how far; her body is a wonderland like no other.

-Dont’ forget to get your copy of my newly published novel, “Beyond The Good & Evil,” at www.beyondthegoodandevil.com 



A Quick Shoot With Anna

A Quick Shoot With Anna.

I was surprised when Anna suggested that we do a quick photo shoot. I remember explaining to her that I shot with a film camera and not digital. Her face was still as eager as when she suggested the idea; she then revealed how much she adored film photography and it’s colors, textures, and blemishes. After a discussion about my Olympus OM10, we set up a date and time. It wasn’t long before we met up and with no actual direction of where to shoot we wondered about Little Five Points in Atlanta and shot wherever it felt right.

-Dont’ forget to get your copy of my newly published novel, “Beyond The Good & Evil,” at www.beyondthegoodandevil.com 



Atlanta Vol: I

Atlanta Vol: I

Atlanta isn’t like any other city. It has much more to offer for those willing to search its every corner. A deal breaker for some but for those craving adventure, it never disappoints; always leaving the adventure craving for more. It’s mystic in its own respect. One morning, I woke with a want to wonder about with no aim in direction. I rode the Marta and indulged in Atlanta’s Botanical Garden, the High Museum of Arts and finally taking a walk in Piedmont Park. Perhaps that why I’ve named this article, “Atlanta Vol: I.” Perhaps I know there is more to come and there will always be more. A city like Atlanta you can’t discover it’s secrets in a single day.


Nature Vol: I

Searching Nature

Nature is always willing to share her time for a photoshoot. We’ve never had to reschedule on her behalf. She’s photogenic, graceful, and energetic. And whenever a photo comes out not to my expectation, I’m only to blame. Like any other model, you have to explore her and all her secrets as well as those special places that make her unique from everyone else. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, I took out my Olympus OM10 and dedicated an entire weekend to nature. These are some of the photos that I took, of course not all of them but some of my favorites.




Vinyl searching with Marina.

I was in Boston, Ma. There was a record I was looking for and not having found it in Atlanta Ga. I figured I’d have a better chance of finding it elsewhere. With no luck. I did in fact find Marina. She makes me a bit uneasy at times. I think you can see that in the small bits of blur. Not knowing the what Boston weather was like.




A night with R’sana.

It was like any other day really. Until I found myself in the company of R’Sana. Honestly, with nothing else going on. We decided to experiment with my Olympus OM10. At first I used the lighting ahead but then decided to see what would happen if I used the nothing else but the street light that shined through my window.



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